October 15, 2014

Aimersoft DRM Converter coupon

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Aimersoft DRM Converter is advanced DRM elimination software that can eliminate DRM protection from movies and music got from iTunes, Zune, iMesh, SpiralFrog, BBC iPlayer WMV, Amazon video on Demand and also other DRM protected media center legally. In addition, Aimersoft DRM converter can convert both DRM protected and common media to the format you need for your multimedia device.


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User reviews:

1. I was searching for a program to convert “You Tube” videos into DVDs and audio files and this program by far is the best ! Omg -so simple to install and use. I could create video-DVD’s and use it on my iPhone. A 5 STARS software .

2. I’ve been able to use the Aimersoft DRM Converter to removal drm from iTunes and convert it to Kindle. This was an enormous deal to me as I have many iTunes movies previously bought but could not have them play on my Samsung device. I didn’t want to have to buy another format or device simply to play my movies and videos. I appreciate the great software.

3. Not only enables me get rid of DRM protection but also converts for my Apple devices. Now I could play my movies from Zune Marketplace, Xbox Live or Amazon Video on Apple iPhone or iPad, anytime I want a little entertainment. No more do I feel chained to my computer using just one device any longer. A very affordable purchase, best idea I”ve had so far.

4. I really appreciate DRM Converter making it possible to use songs I pay for on all my devices.

5. I’m computer savvy but not a tech wiz, then it was important that I found a simple to use method to get rid of DRM protection from songs added to my wedding videos. The songs were the same ones the DJ played, who did pay SOCAN user fees. But the music had to be removed due to all the background noise, and then replaced.

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