June 6, 2014

Wondershare AllMyMuisc for Mac Coupon code

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Want to listen to your loved musics, radio programs and audio from video whenever and without internet connection? Download them, quickly with the qualified streaming audio recorder tool – Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac. This software is a high quality Audio Recorder for Mac, which allows you recorder streaming music and radio programs with 1:1 quality in one single click.

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Customer reviews for the software


1. Up until now its done everything– as declared– without a hitch. It should be 5 stars but there’s no option to truly personalize the outputted data – sample rate, format etc. It’s very basic here. If you could put in more advanced choices for file output (like in your other softwares) that would be terrific – 5 STARS! But please, quite please, at least include a selection to record at 320kbps – I’m start ya! Its the only thing stopping me from suggesting this to others. Thanks a lots.

2. It’ll download any music or some other stream and does this very well! I rip music Pandora smoothly.

3. I had initially written a comment right here based upon v1.0 (it was really so so) I am happy to tell you that after running v2.0 for awhile, it has seem to fix the crashing that happened when auto tag was allowed. I was able to record over 15 hours of music with audio tag allowed without issue. v1.0 can never do that … I am a pleased happy person now. I like that i can also put in the tracks to iTunes right from the program. My only improvement demand would be; add track numbering to the auto tag feature.

4. With the software, getting the greatest remix by my favored artist is as simple as getting on YouTube, finding their HD video and attacking record.

5. I tried getting audio utilizing some cost-free tools like Sunflower and Audacity, however simply could not get to work … and i’m both a professional artist and i do tech support at my work! i chose this, attempted the free trail variation … Flawless! Purchase it within TWENTY minutes of trying the cost-free variation. And 256K is plenty good enough … except if you’re the most purist sort of audiophile, one can’t tell the difference to 320. One thing is, i wish to be able to specify the calling convention for my musics instead of the title_artist, i like title – artist, or artist – title. Appears like a basic choice to me … but nonetheless, i’m thrilled with the software!

6. Pros: download any online music and audio stream in 1 click. Download audio with zero quality loss. Wisely record track information like title, artist and album art etc. Cons: I don’t find any drawback temporarily.

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