April 6, 2016

9.7 in the iPad Pro extensive use of glue

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Apple in the latest release of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro joined a lot of new technology, but the device with a big shortcoming. From the perspective of the dismantling of iFixit, this equipment maintenance in the future will be very difficult.

9.7英寸iPad Pro大量使用胶水 几乎无法维修

IFixit to 9.7 inches of the iPad Pro type repairable score was only 2 points (out of ten, is lower than 12.9 in the iPad Pro for 1 minute.

For fixed parts, apple use a lot of glue on the device, it also makes the demolition of the separate parts become very difficult. LCD and the front panel glass also be fused together, this not only increases the maintenance cost, will also increase the risk of maintenance is one of the damage to the other part.

9.7英寸iPad Pro大量使用胶水 几乎无法维修

9.7 in the iPad Pro equally hard to dismantle the battery. IFixit, points out that it is not like the iPad Pro and recent iPhone use convenient adhesive strips, Smart Connector is permanently fixed on the panels. But there was no moving parts, should also damage will not occur.

On the plus side, 9.7 in the iPad Pro durability should be very good. It’s behind the screen with a foam cushioning material, around the logic board also have additional reinforcement. When the user lean it USES Apple Pencil, these additional iPad Protection measures should be able to increase security.

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