April 18, 2016

The Android N update emoji expression

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Google is in a blog post on April 13, to make the above statement. The article mentioned, launched together with Android N system will be a new set of emoji expression. They adopted the anthropomorphic shape and color and pleasing to the eye, not only look more normal, more affinity. Most importantly, new emoji expression will use people always familiar style, avoid users in the use of misunderstanding.

From the point of articles provide sample, Google really made a big adjustment, fixed before design errors. In the old
version emoji, “police officer” expression is just at the top of the small yellow pudding head buckle a marquee, the new has turned into a real small police. If the old version of the “dance” expression may be the receiver misunderstand and feel unhappy, is evident in the new version is a performing dancers.

Google further stated in the post, the new emoji expressions not only adopt new design style, also provides a variety of color choices. With numerous similar demands of users, apple has at last year’s iOS update implements this feature.

Those who dared to early adopters users, you can now upgrade to the latest Android N developer preview to experience this new emoji expression. Not surprisingly, others will have to wait until October to see Android N system the official launch them.

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