November 12, 2015

Chrome will cease to support for XP, Vista and OS X 10.8

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Microsoft officially stopped in last year’s official support for Windows XP, but still has a lot of users and PC running Windows XP. After all for users, although the Internet explorer and other software to stop support, but at least Google Chrome browser can be used. But now this situation will not last too long, Google has now officially announced that will stop at the beginning of next year Chrome for Windows XP, Vista and OS X 10.8 and other old version system support.

If you’ve installed the latest version of Chrome, it will also be able to continue to serve in the system, but to the beginning of April 2016, Google Chrome will not against the three system update, this means that users of these systems will no longer get support version update or security patches.

Since the advent of Windows XP to now have for 14 years, the Windows XP SP3 now has seven years, at present still the classic system is able to meet the daily needs of many users, and there is no necessary to upgrade.

If you are an XP users, Chrome will give up to you to upgrade to the Windows of 10 reason?

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