March 3, 2016

New DisplayPort 1.4 interface standards issued

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Although now 8 k display, but at least when your laptop or smartphone can be connected to the 8 k resolution signal, still need to support such a high resolution means of transport.

The electronic video equipment standards association recently released a new DisplayPort 1.4 specification, will support 8 k resolution signal transmission. DisplayPort 1.4 compatible USB Type – C interface, so this means that the user can through a smartphone or other devices will be 7680 x 4320 resolution signal is sent to a display device.

In addition, the new standards support HDR content, can support version 1.2 of DSC, support 3:1 lossless compression, and also support before and after error correction and 32 audio track, 1536 KHZ audio sample rate, and support all known audio formats.

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