September 24, 2015

Firefox 42.0 beta Main block third-party tracking function

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Firefox version just released it didn’t take long, 41 now, Mozilla has launched a beta version 42.0, the main privacy and tracking. This is called the Tracking Protection in Private Browsing experimental will cover all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android. It is reported, the main functions for third-party tracking of user habits.

Recently, the developers of this aspect is particularly valued. Such as apple’s latest iOS 9, have the function of shielding third-party data tracking.
In addition to tracking protection function, the beta version of Firefox 42.0 added more other new functions, such as desktop client browser under its Control Center (Control Center) now has the security and privacy Control function, a new indicator for playback of audio tags, a key mute function, login and WebRTS function to strengthen management, HTML 5 and add more types to developers for the direction of the update.

Android version (mobile) also have a lot of new features, such as open in the background of the Android software external URL, without switching software can open multiple links and support in the address bar directly input voice, allows the user to preview, edit, and delete login.

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