November 3, 2016

Google Daydream View November 10 officially opened for sale

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Google fashioned the Daydream of View will officially listed on November 10th, priced at $79.

Daydream View is currently only for North America, Australia, Europe and other regions, Google had not release plan in China. Of course if you are a fan of Google, it won’t be a problem.

As Google Cardboard follow-up products, Daydream the View is not like elder people, need to comply with the Google “Daydream Ready” standard of mobile phone to use. Now in addition to Google’s own Pixel or Pixel XL mobile phone, also no manufacturer to obtain the phone Google.

ZTE earlier claimed that their mobile phone can meet the basic requirements of the Daydream, but Google immediately denied the claim, and suggest the consumers “wait”.

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