September 5, 2016

Google Nexus new machine renamed

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Its Google 2016 Nexus will be renamed as Pixel brand messages, including code Sailfish model called Pixel, as for the code that will be called Pixel XL Marlin. Now, well-known run website Geekbench database also reappeared the Google Pixel XL (HTC Marlin) part of the configuration information, including carrying Android NMR1 system, with 4 gb of memory and carrying Snapdragon 821 processor, etc. is expected to debut on October 4th.

The appeared in Geekbench Google Pixel XL, should be run Geekbench version 4.0 was released for the first time the upload scores according to, but the name of the mobile phone is to Google Marlin, pick up the latest version of the Android NMR1 system, as for the single-core and multi-core runs though his achievements in the new version compared with the past has dropped significantly, but compared with the similar type has a better performance.

At the same time the Google Pixel XL also confirmed with 4 gb of RAM memory and equipped with a 1.59 GHz qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processors, as for the name of the motherboard is “Marlin. But it is worth noting that Google Pixel XL looks seem to be still carry the Snapdragon 820 processor, but the machine with the processor stepping with all Snapdragon 820 currently listed is different, so should be Snapdragon is expected to 821 processors.

In Google Pixel XL other configuration, depending on the well-known fact people LlabTooFeR on twitter, according to the disclosure of the front and rear cameras will adopt SONY sensors. Among them, 12 million pixels with HTC 10 main camera for SONY IMX378 sensor, compared to last year’s two Nexus of SONY IMX377 sensor upgrades, while 8 million pixels front cameras used SONY IMX179 sensors.

In addition, Google Pixel XL also talk with a 5.5 -inch touch screen, and support 2 k resolution and adopt AMOLED panel, and provided by the storage capacity is 32 gb and 128 gb, is said to have 64 gb version will be cancelled. And at the bottom of the fuselage with the speaker and USB – C interface, bluetooth technology, 4.2 as to match the battery capacity is 3450 mah.

As for the timing of the launch Google, new ways, depending on the site AndroidPolice quoted reliable sources disclosed, Google will be held on October 4th hardware product launches, new Pixel series two models will be released in the list, as well as version 4 k Chromecast, Google Home related hardware and Daydream View VR equipment such as appearance.

In everybody care about the price, according to the report, from the website Nexusblog Google’s forthcoming two Nexus, new will start out 32 gb capacity, 5.5 -inch Google Pixel XL price is $599, and 5 inches Google Pixel sells for $449, compared with the former Nexus 5 x $379 / $499/6 p to pricing, have certain scope to rise, is said to be related to the cost of components and Google’s pricing strategy.

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