January 15, 2015

Google recently released the second edition of MDK Module Development Kit

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According to media reports, prior to the convening Project Ara modular phone developer conference, Google has officially launched the second edition of MDK Module Development Kit.

MDK 2.0 is based on the developer conference will be officially released in the Spiral 2 prototype development, closer to the end of the commercial model as a whole. The MDK 2.0 focuses on the ability to more space out of third-party modules for non-contact connection. Google said it would pass a new protocol called Greybus to achieve data exchange between the module and the fuselage.

In addition to the preparation of a number of functions and features for developers, Phonebloks also mentioned will soon launch Ara Manager management application. With this application, the user can control the functions of different modules and monitoring data and information modules. In addition, Google and Phonebloks also revealed some new information about Ara module stores. Which Google will be responsible for store operations official certification process, sales and payment modules, and modules from responsible third party inventory and logistics.

In Project Ara upcoming developer conference, Google will release more information. Google had already announced will be held on the 14th and the 21st of this month two Developers Conference held in the United States and Singapore, and will be in foreign webcast.

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