July 27, 2016

Helio X30 configuration exposure

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Mediatek chip manufacturers has always been committed to provide cost-effective chip system products, in particular, many local vendors of smart phones are used by mediatek products.

Now of the next generation of chips to be released in the coming mediatek Helio X30 more detail was exposed, the chip is expected to use ten core design, and adopted the most advanced 10 nm manufacturing process. And the news from mediatek’s chief operating officer Shangzu Zhu, therefore is very reliable.

At the same time, new Helio X30 will support LTE carrier aggregation and Category 10-12 LTE modems, and pick up the CPU intelligent mobile phone will make its debut in early next year at the earliest.

According to rumours before, mediatek Helio X30 processor will use two Cortex A73 core and two groups of Cortex A53 four core design, but also the most LPDDR4 support 8 gb RAM and dual cameras configuration.

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