November 9, 2015

No Home button iPhone encountered technical difficulties Will delay production

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AppleInsider reported, no Home button iPhone people may be, and so on, according to apple encountered technical difficulties in the process of internal research and development, cause delayed production date.

It is reported that apple to display driver IC manufacturers Synaptics issued 2016 iPhone LCD driver needed for the order. However, the single chip “touch and display driver integration” development progress has “behind schedule”.

Earlier there are rumours that apple is trying to Touch the ID sensor is integrated into the iPhone screen. If successful, the user simply touch the screen to unlock the phone, and apple will also be able to further reduce the screen border width and weight. Abandoned after the Home button, the iPhone may need to introduce multi-touch gestures.

Therefore, apple hired senior engineer to develop TDDI technology, science and technology. In June this year have reported that apple is working on will be removed from the iPhone Home primary key, but related technologies ready until 2017 at least.

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