April 12, 2016

HTC 10 configuration ultimate exposure

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At 6 o ‘clock this afternoon we will have to HTC 10 global start, but according to the information on the network at present, about have been exposed to HTC 10.

It is reported, according to yesterday’s video display content, above the receiver and by the USB port at the bottom of the hole or are designed for the speakers, that is to say, HTC 10 adopts double speakers, HiFi Boomsound relative to the previous has a new upgrade.

Part of the battery rumors carry 3000 mah battery, pick up the new Sense 8.0, after it ran his achievements broke through 15 million. Part of the camera, or will pick up front rear 4 million + 12 million megapixel camera, lead to UltraPixel 2.

Also according to the expo

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