June 28, 2016

IOS 10 “differential privacy” technology: automatic distinguish to collect information

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TechRadar web site reported, focused on our reports apple worldwide developers conference in 2016 readers know, iOS 10 will collect more user information, so that it can better meet user requirements. Apple will take a is called the “differential privacy” technology, it intelligently gathering information, but not related to users’ personal or sensitive information.

Apple to tech blog site Re/code expounds differential privacy technology application in the iOS 10. First, it USES the completely “selective join” strategy – if agreed to apple USES this technique to collect data, the user must open the corresponding switches.

TechRadar, said the second, apple will be the first to collect four specific types of data: added to the local dictionary of new words, the expression of user input symbols, deep links within the application, and notes in the search tips.

Many predict and initiative in the iOS element will keep all on the device, there won’t be any data back to the apple servers – date and time of the users do not need to worry about dance courses by apple engineers know.

Apple in privacy will continue to be different from Google, even in Siri and Google Now voice assistant such as increasing influence, but it seems that the user can through the sacrifice some privacy, artificial intelligence technology in exchange for more practical.

TechRadar, scheduled for release of iOS 10 this year, also including a lock screen notification to improve, simplify the control center, more 3 d Touch shortcut, third-party applications support Siri, better picture recognition and many other features.

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