December 31, 2015

In the iPhone need not repeat input fingerprint

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Apple a and fingerprint technology related patents has met with the media exposure, patent shows the iPhone save fingerprint information, to be uploaded to the cloud, and then download to another way of an iPhone.

Can be seen from the patent icon, a new fingerprint identification system will be collected by the fingerprint information stored in the device, and upload it to the cloud. When a user use the second equipment, this information will be downloaded to the new equipment.

In the cloud storage fingerprint information actually violated apple since September 2013 security policy. Apple mentioned in its own security policy, the iPhone doesn’t really keep users fingerprint image itself, but rather through Touch ID calculated fingerprint key shape “Numbers”.

But it is worth noting that even though the patent mentioned “fingerprints or fingerprint image” for many times, but the word “image” did not appear in the description of patent application, so apple does not store the image but biometric data is still valid.

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