October 23, 2015

Microsoft is development of new keyboard for Surface tablet

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According to a recent Microsoft to provide the United States patent and trademark office patent data show that Microsoft is patent application for two types of keyboard, one USES the bending mechanism, while the second USES articulated device. According to Microsoft’s patent, it is for the Surface series tablet developed some new style keyboard.


Tablets support in Microsoft’s first patent agency built in the middle of the keyboard, the user can it drew from the keyboard, then folding bending, provide support for Surface series tablet. But patent shows in figure, the keyboard seems to lack touchpad, this is not necessarily a good thing.


Next is the hinged lid patent, this design not too exciting. If apply patent, as shown in the figure below image, design a hinge on the keyboard, to support the equipment. Users can also use it as a closed hinge cover, to provide protection on the back of the tablet, and will not affect the display on the tablet.


An application for a patent for these two dates in October 2014, but was unable to determine the Surface of the keyboard can see Microsoft launched such design.

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