December 23, 2015

Microsoft Surface Hub to postpone the price increases

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Microsoft released after the Surface of the Hub from September shipment delayed until January 1 next year, with a customised version 10 Windows system, the most important thing is that the whole series is going up in price!

According to previous announcement, the Surface of the Hub 55 inch version costs $6999, 84 – inch version of $19999. After prices 55 inches Surface Hub for $8999, and 84 – inch model for up to $21999.

Microsoft Surface Hub 55 inch version screen resolution of 1080 p, by four generation of Intel i5 processor core + graphics; 84 – inch model is carrying four generations i7 + NVIDIA Quadro K2200 professional graphics, level of up to 4 k resolution.

Microsoft Surface Hub is equipped with two Surface Pen and a Microsoft keyboard integrated media. Both models with two pre – 1080 p video camera, microphone and double front speakers. In addition, the two versions will carry 8 gb RAM, 128 gb solid state drives, support 100 points touch.

Microsoft said Surface Hub in addition to the LCD screen, the design of other components Microsoft all participation, also in Wilsonville construction area of 7 square feet of factory production in his place.

According to insiders revealed that since July 1 to accept reservation of product market demand of this day.

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