January 29, 2016

Moto new flagship July U.S. public exposure

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The latest reports from the Wall Street journal, lenovo CEO Yang yuanqing has revealed, Motorola’s market in the United States will launch a “more innovative, more attractive” smartphone, is expected on the market in July, but did not disclose more information about this machine.


According to the Wall Street journal said disclosure, said in an interview on the lenovo CEO Yang yuanqing, lenovo, Motorola’s brand will be positive to infiltrate U.S. smartphone market, ready to launch a “more innovative, more attractive” smartphone, coming on the market in the United States in July this year. But Mr Yang did not disclose more details about this machine, but said apple’s share of the American market has reached the upper limit, and space of Android mobile phones is still rising.

It is now the summer release made Moto X series is headed, so lenovo high-level disclosure of “more innovative, more attractive” smart phone is likely the legendary Moto X four generations. The machine had previously had a prototype was exposed, main characteristic is to use an integrated full metal design, allegedly Motorola’s future fuselage’s thin models, and there will be local tyrants gold version.

At the same time, according to online revealed the latest news, the Motorola phone will be the first Snapdragon 820 processor high-end models, is said to be equipped with 2 k resolution display, with 4 gb of memory capacity, and carry Android 6.X system, and has the appearance of new design. In addition, lenovo Chen also said in an interview in the past, 2016 Moto all series products will be equipped with fingerprint recognition, so the machine with fingerprint recognition should be no suspense.

However, the association for the Motorola phone is still in the high secrecy, so expect in a short period of time may not have the machine more specific details.

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