March 16, 2015

Nokia 940 suspected exposure

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After MWC 2015, Android camp has released a big wave flagship new products, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC M9 and so on. Windows Phone does that, you know, distance Lumia 930 release has been almost a year, Windows Phone already few products, when under a flagship will come? According to previous news, Microsoft is expected to officially launch in the next generation flagship Lumia, running the latest Windows 10 systems. Foreign media Fudzilla then brought this new flagship of the latest news, quite radical (let us call Lumia 940). It is reported that, Lumia 940 will bring a range of innovative features, including advanced biometric (iris scan), the technology can scan the user’s eye to unlock. Currently, Fujitsu, ZTE and other vendors have issued iris security solutions.

In addition, it will also increase the Dock docking station, and became the first WP phone supports this feature. This feature allows for more accessories connected to the phone act as a “host computer” role. Configuration temporarily not clear, but Microsoft had previously said it would launch Snapdragon¬†810 processor powered Lumia handsets (that is, it should be), but Fudzilla also predicted the aircraft would be between pixel camera 20MP to 30MP, may also be equipped with three an LED flash.

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