December 21, 2015

Prime Strap can charge for Apple Watch

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For Apple Watch users, two things most troubling, in addition to every night charge, must only through MagSafe charging base is also a hassle. And appearance on Kickstarter called Prime Strap special Apple Watch can solve this problem.

Prime Strap USES metal, and built a 150 mah capacity of the battery, that adds an extra 1.5 times to Watch Apple power. And can be the Apple of Watch screen Prime Strap remaining power.

Brilletark company said that Prime Strap through six stitches interface for the Apple Watch charging, although the interface is not designed to charge interface, but users find it really can have the effect of charging.

And Prime Strap itself can be put into a circular shell, through clever fold can also serve as the iPhone mobile power supply, it looks very cool. But compared with the original Apple Watch Strap, Prime Strap looks really cumbersome.

Prime Strap provides 38 mm and 42 mm two specifications, the raising price of $239, if all goes well, the shipment is expected to begin in July 2016.

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