March 30, 2016

Rumors about the iPhone SE booking volume up to 3.4 million

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Apple iPhone SE, just released a small size of the device a more focused the international market, its performance will be the same as the standard version of the iPhone, maybe it can help apple to attract more American consumers to join the iOS camp outside of the home market.

iPhone se

Of course, iPhoneSE really attractive place is its “value”. IPhone SE is apple to the top configuration processor and “cheap” iPhone camera. Although you need to do in terms of screen size and 3 d Touch “compromise”, but you can spend $250 to experience less like the iPhone 6 s function.

For those who are considered to buy iPhone, but because the price is too expensive and deter or afraid of product updates fast, the iPhone SE might be a good choice.

Especially in the Chinese market, the iPhone SE will attract more consumers. Although apple has efforts in to woo Chinese consumers, but the price of buying an iPhone or high: in China, a 16 gb iPhone6S than your $166 in the United States. While the iPhone SE reduced down for $507 in the Chinese market, so the apple is easy to attract the middle-class consumers. In the next few years time, China’s contribution to the apple revenue will increase.

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