December 15, 2015

Samsung dissatisfaction Apple patent infringement case filed an appeal fee

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Before the court ruled that Samusng in apple’s patent for Samusng reparations to more than $548 million. On Monday, Samusng an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Samusng ask the courts to look at problems from the view of the digital age. In the compensation of $548 million, $399 million is associated with Samusng copied apple mobile phone appearance, Samusng think shouldn’t pay the money. The last time the United States Supreme Court in product appearance rather than the product patent trial carried out in the 1800 s.

This appeal Samusng mainly offer two, one is the lower court’s ruling overprotection apple patents, penalties for Samusng is too big. Samusng’s dissatisfaction with the second point is that the compensation amount, Samusng thinks the disputed patent involve only rarely part of the product function, and the court is asked Samusng will profit of each mobile phones compensate for apple.

America’s Supreme Court may have to wait until early next year to decide whether Samusng appeal for a hearing, the two sides in court again to wait for the fall of 2016.

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