June 3, 2016

Samsung warns users not to upgrade Win10

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Because the computer drive incompatible problems, samsung has started with Microsoft vigorously promote Windows 10 “naysayers” in public, said temporarily do not recommend users to upgrade Windows 10 system.

According to samsung support team, although Microsoft trumpeted encourage users to upgrade Windows 10 system, but due to samsung computer itself driver compatibility issues, after the upgrade will encounter some unknown problems. There are a lot of samsung notebook user says the computer after the upgrade Windows 10 “strike” phenomenon.

Samsung has to the user to send e-mails, says samsung still is coordinated with Microsoft driver compatibility problems, and don’t try so hard, the currently recommended by the user to keep the existing system all drive problem be solved until after the upgrade Windows 10. Although Microsoft now hopes that more and more oems can help promote their new system upgrade, but obviously now, samsung has not yet ready.

According to the current situation, system running Windows 8.1 samsung notebook user if upgrade Windows 10 won’t have too much of an issue. But if the user from the Windows 7 upgrade directly to 10, seem to have driven compatibility problems. Microsoft didn’t comment at present, we suggest that samsung users can go to the website of access list of compatible devices.

All along, the Microsoft in tried all ways to prompt the user to upgrade the new system, but a free upgrade strategy will be to stop on June 29, users want to upgrade to Windows again after 10 will have to pay $119. From the current situation, it seems that the main problem in the samsung, samsung, at least for the user’s drive preparation is still not ready to upgrade, after all, the world has more than 300 million sets of equipment already installed Windows 10, and now has almost become a second-tier PC makers samsung, should take time for yourself one of the few users with better service.

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