August 13, 2014

Huawei Back up – Simple method to backup and restore Huawei device soon

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As a matter of fact, contents on Huawei device may perhaps be easily lost due to the fact of a variety of reasons, such as system crime, accidental erradication, virus infection, data formatting, and the like. Thereby, it’s very needed to backup contents including contacts and text messages from Huawei device to pc so as to find those important data with ease regardless of time, place and life of the battery.


We can offer you a useful program – MobileTrans to resolve the matter. By using it, you can not simply back up and restore your Huawei, but also copy contacts, sms, call logs, photos, audio, film and apps between iPhone, Android and Nokia (Symbian) phones – in just a single click!


download win version

Notice For Mac user:

If you want to backup and restore your Huawei Android device, dwonload MobileGo for Android (Mac) here.

If you want to transfer data between Huawei phone and other phone, you can download Mobiletrans (Mac) here.


1. How to Backup contents from Huawei smartphone to pc

Choose “Backup your phone” mode in the homepage. After that there will list the items including contacts, sms messages, photo, music, video, and so on. which you can back up from Huawei smartphone to computer, simply tick off that you need to backup and click on “Start copy”.


2. How to restore contents from computer to Huawei

Press “Restore from Backups” in the home page. Choose a backup format from the drop down list, then you are in the restore mode. So there will list the items you can restore from pc to your device, just tick off exactly what you want to restore and click “Start copy”.


3. How to transfer files from Huawei to another phone

Connect two device to the computer, select “Phone to phone transfer” mode in the home page, then you will be in the phone transfer scream. Huawei smartphone is listed in the place of “Source” and another mobile is listed in the “Destination”, the files will move from “Source” to “Destination”.( When you want transfer data from the other cellphone to Huawei phone, press “Flip” . ) So now, tag what need to transfer and click “Start copy”.

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